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Web6/3/ · Released in , this documentary gives a frank and immersive look at the rhythm of trading and the positives and negatives of the industry. With interviews of Web4/12/ · Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world WebA team of experienced and skilled InstaForex experts monitors the global economic situation on a daily basis in order to discover the key events in the forex, commodity, and stock ... read more

Trading documentaries offer a glimpse into the lives of other traders and illuminate market facets that are otherwise opaque to the public. The first four trading documentaries talk about traders, their thoughts, and emotions.

These are timeless gems that are relevant across time and markets. The last three trading documentaries cover the drastic changes technology has brought to financial markets. This documentary features Paul Tudor Jones who demanded PBS to stop airing it after its original broadcast. For most, this is enough reason to watch it. I like that it covers the impact of their trading career on their life beyond the pits.

It also highlights the need to stay adaptable if you want to survive through dramatic market changes. The hero is faced with a difficult choice — to join the team of a mercenary bank manager or to maintain his independence. Original name: Le sucre Released in: User Rating: IMDB 6. French film, filmed in the genre of drama and crime. This movie is more than forty years old, but it does not lose its value and is quite interesting.

You get great pleasure from the wonderful play of the main characters Jean Carme and Gerard Depardieu. Both actors were nominated for a Cesar. The film about the stock exchange, more precisely about the machinations on it. Adrien, the spouse of the pharmacy owner, decides to play on the commodity exchange at the expense of his wife. Naive Adrien entered into an adventurous game, he was even lucky for a while. Released in: User Rating: IMDB 5. Two brokers, completely different — a rather calculating and sensible woman, and a dreamy romantic, by the will of their superiors, begin to work together to bring the corporation to a new level and leave failures in the past.

It is not difficult to guess that the strongest feelings of attraction flare up between them. This attraction only reinforces the positive outcome in the stock market. British drama of the late 80s. The main character is a rather middle-aged woman who works as an investment banker. She will have to earn millions by managing the issue of shares of a promising company in the field of computer technology.

And even with the threat of a financial scandal hanging over her, the heroine will have to expose the bribery schemes and identify the perpetrators. Anna Gunn is a wonderful actress who played the main role in this picture. Original name: Krach Released in: User Rating: IMDB 4. The main character of the film Gilles Lellouche , a young and ambitious trader.

The concept of ethics and morality for him is not the main place. Money is the main indicator of the success and authority of a given character. Together with a familiar scientist, they manage to design a program for predicting the movement of stock indexes, based on climatology and atmospheric phenomena.

He found a gold mine and his business is flourishing, but greed interferes with everything. The outcome is quite predictable. This movie can interest both beginners and experienced traders, show the events on the market and the psychology of trading. The actors play convincingly and convey the atmosphere of the stock exchange world. It is worth noting the good performance of Michael Madsen as a boss.

The essence of the idea is to stretch practically across the entire country from one American coast to another , a fiber-optic cable with a minimum of bends between two trading exchanges. In theory, this gamble should speed up data transfer by 1 millisecond, which is quite enough to get data on quotes faster than competitors.

It is quite expected that the heroes will have an enemy in the person of their former employer, who will not tolerate rivalry. The film is interesting for its reasoning and the plot itself. By genre, the film is a drama with small comedy inserts.

The actors played their roles well, especially the play of Alexander Skarsgård as an autistic genius is remembered. Herbie is a stockbroker who is framed by management for alleged financial fraud at the company. He goes to prison for a long term — thirteen years. At first, dull and knocked out of the usual life, Herbie does not find a place for himself. But after some time, having mastered the walls of his new place of residence, he begins to be active on the stock exchange.

By the way, an excellent idea is to engage in your direct professional activities in a prison cell. Soon, the prisoners began to read the Wall Street newspaper. Wonderful crime comedy, great cast! Eddie is a writer from New York. In recent years, he has been haunted by continuous failures. Eddie has a crisis of ideas and does not know what to write about, meanwhile the deadline for the work is fast approaching.

He offers him to try the secret drug NZT absolutely free of charge. Soon, with the help of the miracle pills, he learns to trade on the stock exchange and begins to make his fortune. Now his life takes place in a completely new direction. But he does not even suspect that this drug has side effects.

The main roles in the film were played by Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. The creators released a film with interesting plot twists in the science fiction genre with a high rating of viewers. This film will introduce you to the events that led to the financial crisis in One of the main reasons is the overheating of the US credit market. Which is quite actively refuted in this film. But the opinion of the creators should not be taken for truth, you must form your opinion after watching this film.

Original name: Sit ting fung wan Released in: User Rating: IMDB 7. Three friends and fellow police officers are investigating the economic crime of a fairly large company that deals with fraud in the stock market. They conduct surveillance around the clock and listen to all conversations of the employees of this company. The opportunity to make money on this comes to the mind of the police.

One needs money for the operation of his child, the second is preparing for a wedding with a girl from a wealthy family, where the father of the bride puts pressure on a guy who is not rich enough.

And they decide not to tape this conversation of the head of the company and start playing on the stock exchange. The third police officer is trying to cover up his colleagues and destroy evidence.

But everything goes wrong — somehow information leaks, the auction is stopped, and an investigation is initiated against the police. Quite an exciting Asian film from China. By the way, this is a trilogy, so if you like the first part, the others are worth checking out. The main character, named Robert, is a scam. In his life, there are two women — a spouse and a mistress, who in turn arrange scandals for him. The character makes big money with ease. But such bloated entrepreneurship cannot last forever.

Seeing on the horizon that his business is about to end, Robert tries to sell his business to a large bank before his illegal affairs are revealed. Sudden events and circumstances force one to commit a desperate act. The unsurpassed Richard Gere plays the lead role well, and the plot of the film is quite interesting. Lee Gates is a self-confident person. He is an anchorman whose financial advices has made him a well-known Wall Street guru.

However, not all of his predictions of stock growth are destined to come true. One of his regular viewers loses all his money and decides to break into the studio with a firearm to take hostage, who gave him bad advice.

He wants to get answers and demands not to stop the live broadcast, thereby increasing the interest of viewers in the program. The duet of George Clooney and Julia Roberts looks great, the actors play very convincingly. Unfortunately, the scriptwriters failed to fully realize a quite interesting idea; the film received average reviews from viewers.

But in general, this is a light thriller that is not a pity to spend time on. A thriving Wall Street speculator is assassinated by a good friend who ran a project to resolve a dispute in a company deal.

Tom and a new employee, Abby, are taken to understand this crime. During the investigation, they fall in love with each other. The investigation goes quite far and Abby is kidnapped. Tom is faced with a choice — to report on the shocking results of this work or to save the life of a loved one. Crime drama starring Christian Slater.

The main character, Frederick Ross Johnson, in the past, sold newspapers in one of the towns of Canada, but now he is one of the leaders of a fairly large company that sells tobacco, namely RJR Nabisco. After some events, Frederick decides to purchase all the shares of the company at the lowest price and become the sole owner.

But other co-owners were not satisfied with this situation and a real confrontation began and the RJR Nabisco conglomerate began to threaten a riot. Laurel Iris is very good at money because she is a financial analyst. And she could have made a dizzying career on Wall Street, but biases and conventions prevent Laurel from achieving this because of her skin color. The main character practically loses faith in her further growth up the career ladder.

And then she comes up with an adventurous idea — to replace herself with a fictional Caucasian partner. Everything went just fine until a racist colleague decided to dispel the myth about the origin of this partner. Quite a funny comedy film, starring Whoopi Goldberg, who looks quite harmoniously in the film. Original name: Ma part du gâteau Released in: User Rating: IMDB 5. The main character loses her job in Dunkirk and goes to Paris for decent wages. There she meets a successful stockbroker and gets a job as a housekeeper for him.

She quite sincerely perceives her new callous employer, meeting with whom she changed her life forever. In the film, you can see how the life values of the social strata of society differ and how relations develop between people. French drama with elements of light comedy. Gilles Lellouche the protagonist of this movie. Evan Danielson is a successful financial and economic analyst in the US stock market, played by the beloved actor Edie Murphy. It would seem that Evan found himself in the world of stock market intrigues, the clash of bulls and bears, and also billions of dollars constantly revolving around the financial centers of the United States like a tornado.

But one day, a calm and measured career as a market analyst gets a hole. This event makes Evan take a different look at his family. Leigh Winters, a former movie star, became the head of a petrochemical company after the mysterious death of her husband.

In the conditions of a general stock exchange fever, she is like a child who has fallen into adulthood trying to manage this complex business structure. But not having the proper financial and economic knowledge and experience, she entrusts to the expert on transactions on the stock exchange Hubbel Smith. Having personal feelings for Lee, he helps her run the company and helps save her business. This drama is notable primarily for its historical basis. The director was perfectly loyal to the atmosphere of the 80s when the energy crisis was raging throughout the financial world.

The film tells the story of Jack Casey trying to get rich by trading on the US stock market. After he takes a job as a broker, his trading rises and falls. A winning trade is followed by a losing one. But at one point, as a result of a large losing trade, he loses his entire deposit. But he does not stop there and borrows money from his father to continue trading. However, he fails again, the investment is lost.

The broker career is over. Dreams of wealth are not destined to come true. Thriller starring young Kevin Bacon. The main character, along with his five-year-old son, finds himself on the street due to the inability to pay more rent.

Working as a salesperson does not bring him enough livelihood. Once in the parking lot, he meets a wealthy stockbroker and after a short conversation decides to radically change his life. Having got a job as an intern in a brokerage company, a man hopes to get a specialist position.

However, it turns out that during the entire internship, which lasts six months, he will not be paid a salary, and at the end of this period he has yet to pass the exam for this position. Will the main character find a way out of this situation? An intense drama starring Will Smith and his son.

The plot keeps in suspense until the very end. The main message of the picture: Do not lose hope, fight, strive for your dream and everything will work out for you!

The movie is based on a real-life experience that Christopher Gardner went through. The film is set in Chicago. Every day in the office, successful businessmen compete with each other to get new clients who want to buy the land. The company receives a large number of offers, some of which are extremely profitable.

Competition among employees is intensifying, they are ready to do anything for winning. The routine repeats itself day after day, and men no longer imagine that the situation can ever change. Once robbers break into the office and steal important documents. All employees are immediately suspected. Everyone has a motive and everyone can be involved in what happened. The search for the culprit begins. Criminal drama is a classic talk film.

Each person has a well-written character. Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey fit perfectly into their roles, and Al Pacino was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. This film is not about brokers, it is about real estate traders, but that does not make it less interesting for traders like us. This film only indirectly concerns the work of a trader. The main role in the picture is played by Christian Bale, the character in his performance is the personification of businessmen from all over America.

Click To Tweet. These are in my opinion the best trading movies around. Not in a specific order, but if I had to pick one, it would be The Big Short. Here they are:. Most of them are free to watch on Youtube:.

Which trading movie or documentary do you like the most?

When diving into the stock market, knowing where to start first can be a challenge. You have an overwhelming number of stocks, bonds, index funds, and mutual funds available to choose from. Even some experienced traders find it a little much. But which ones are worth a watch? How do you tell the good shows from the bad? From the all-time classics to the newest hits, read on to learn about some of the best stock market TV shows for launching or advancing your trading career. Some see Neil Cavuto as the king of financial television.

Instead, he promotes long-term investing and rational trading, providing watchers with a fact-based look at market movement and industry trends. Eastern Time. Looking for a show perfect for a beginner? Jim Cramer, known for his energetic and sometimes chaotic style, has spent years keeping audiences glued to their screens. Kramer starts each show with an emphasis on personality and positivity.

From there, he guides watchers to industries that he thinks are undervalued at their current price points. In fact, some people think Cramer has too much influence on the market. Eastern Standard Time. Subscriptions are also available to purchase from Hulu, YouTube, and other online streaming services.

An alarm bell for news from market close to market open, reviewers have frequently found the show to be among the best in its niche. Joe Kernen, Becky Quick, and Andrew Ross Sorkin, a trio of financial titans, host the show. Some experienced traders say that rising early is one of the keys to success in the market. You can also find subscriptions available online on online streaming services like Hulu or YouTube. With a constantly evolving panel of industry experts at her side, Maria takes on Wall Street and its brokers to cut straight to the heart of the latest news.

Predicting the movement of the broader market is part and parcel of being a top-tier trader. Sometimes fiction teaches you more than reality does. This high budget production portrays the fast-moving world of finance as a little more exciting than it really is, but even so, this high-stakes adventure in the stock market has been called bitingly realistic.

Episodes air weekly on Showtime while seasons are ongoing. A little break from the stressful ups and downs of the market can be important, too. Why not watch a bleak comedy about one of the biggest stock market crashes in history? In a butterfly effect situation, the actions of a single stockbroker are chronicled over several seasons.

Slowly, they escalate into a looming disaster. Episodes air back-to-back on Showtime at p. Eastern Standard Time each season. The stock market can be a fun, interesting, and at times, extremely stressful place, but hopefully some of the shows we listed above will expand your knowledge as well as take the edge off.

Chris Dios is an American writer and entrepreneur from New Jersey. Chris began investing back in , and he specializes in swing trading, fundamental analysis, and long-term investing. The 6 Best Stock Market TV Shows That Traders Need To Watch! By Chris Dios Oct 02, Table of Contents show. Chris Dios. Previous: Can Advaxis, Inc. ADXS Skyrocket? Next: These 5 Market Maker Signals Can Move Markets.

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The 6 Best Stock Market TV Shows That Traders Need To Watch!,#2: Floored

Web4/12/ · Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world WebA team of experienced and skilled InstaForex experts monitors the global economic situation on a daily basis in order to discover the key events in the forex, commodity, and stock Web6/3/ · Released in , this documentary gives a frank and immersive look at the rhythm of trading and the positives and negatives of the industry. With interviews of ... read more

It is also necessary to mention another component of the success of the protagonist — this is the ability to accept their losses. By the way, Joanna is the first director who got access to everything that happens on the stock exchange. The series ran for three seasons and closed in The billionaire lives in a house that he acquired fifty years ago, and independently, without security, drives to the office where he runs the company. He drives his limousine through the main streets of the city and has numerous dialogues with his employees.

But one day, a calm and measured career as a market analyst gets a hole. In the conditions of a general stock exchange fever, she is like a child who has fallen into adulthood trying to manage this complex business structure. Black and white film from director Darren Aronofsky. The tv series about forex trading characters in the film are complete opposites. Unfortunately, we could not find films about Forex, so this TOP of movies is more related to the topic of the stock and derivatives markets, finance, tv series about forex trading, trading on the stock exchange, and the economic crisis.