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Web/10/12 · Forex Fury review – Conclusion Forex Fury will not make the profits it is suggesting on its official website, it is just impossible. We are pretty much sure that in the Web/11/06 · Forex Fury is the first and only EA that I've been using on a live account for almost a year now. some bulletpoints about my results (obviously this depends on the AdMake The Most Of Today's Market Action. Trading is Risky. Personal Support, Low Costs & All The Expert Tools You Need To Succeed. Join FXTM Winning Broker · Client Testimonials · Educational Resources · Fast Withdrawals AdLooking for the best and most trusted forex brokers? Best Forex Broker Comparison Compare the best Forex brokers and trade with trusted and regulated forex has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month AdCompare the best Forex brokers and trade with trusted and regulated forex brokers. Find regulated and trusted forex brokers worldwide for forex trading ... read more

Actually not even good at all. It makes small profits and one day it destroys it all. Reply: The first thing you did was sending an aggressive email accusing me of hurting your business and stuff.

I have shared you the setting I am using with the trades your ea took, what more do you want? Instead of trying to help me you were asking if I am even eligible to write a review about your ea. Show your clients some respect, this is not a way of solving a client issue. At a point, you say your ea is simple then you say it's complicated. If you yourself are not even convinced how should we? Date of experience: September 27, This client doesn't reply to support, and doesn't follow any of the guidelines we have set in the members area.

We've done everything we can to help, but the client is either unwilling or incapable of accepting assistance. This is by far the worst forex robot I have ever used. I have tested many and this robot just continuously loses. I have had much better luck with eBay robots funny how Pat always put down eBay forex robots maybe because it out performs forex fury. Save yourself the money and just purchase one on eBay they are just as good. No im not a disgruntled eBay buyer, I sent my documents to TrustPilot to prove this was about forex fury as you can now see the review is verified.

Date of experience: August 31, This is not a client of ours, this seems to be an upset eBay seller. We've had no documentation provided to us, or any emails from an "Andrew" regarding this issue. For any future clients, if you struggle with our software, email our support team and we'll gladly get you moving in the right direction. Fury provides multiple live, verified trading accounts. Fury is also rated the 1 robot on all the top robot websites, do a quick search to see this.

Forex Fury works the best for me. I bought gold license 8 months back and used it on demo for about 2 months. After that, I switched to live account and the results that I got was really impressive. Thus, I bought 1 more license and now I am running 2 live accounts currently.

Features are really helpful, and I am thinking to buy another one but waiting for the V5 update. As soon as they have the stable version, I will try it on demos and if it works for me, I will buy another account for the new version. I am really happy with all the success I am having with this bot. Best in the market for a reason!!! Date of experience: December 22, I have been using the Forex Fury demo for about months.

Essentially the same settings Pat posted on his forex fury youtube videos. Fast forward to the beginning of Sept. The only setting I changed was changing the Ranging Conditions to false.

Absolutely love this EA! I highly recommend this! plan on running this EA for the rest of the year. Date of experience: September 19, An absolutely amazing bot I have ever used!!! So many features are there to work with. There are losses some days and some days it doesn't trade but the profits cover it up. I am really happy and now an affiliate member of this community, earning from my friends as well : Demo accounts are super helpful to create the best strategy for the live one's and I spent a good amount of time on those as well which helps me to grow There are no flaws at all and consistency is upto the level they desribed.

Thanks Pat!! Date of experience: February 02, Forex Fury has worked exceptionally well for me. I bought a diamond license which allowed me to run 2 live accounts from my broker Adrofx.

I bought one more diamond now as I am super excited to use my other 2 accounts as well. Just waiting for them to upgrade my membership. I Joined FF 7 months back and traded on demos for about 3 months before going live as they recommended me to run tests and demos to pull out the best settings.

I did understood one thing in these 3 months that you cannot stick to one setting as after a while the market will play with you and you need to change the strategy and that's what I did. At least in 3 months of demo trading I learned alot how to cope with the market and that is what really matters I think. However, I was patient and learned for that period of time and when the bot took first trade on my live account I was really happy as it simply returned me the cost of the bot on just one trade.

I used 1k account and 10k account as well, both of them are running smoothly and making money. The more you work with the bot, the more you learn how to be creative in your strategy making- this is what I learned from this EA and I loved it!!! Date of experience: February 08, Love everything Pat and the Fury team are doing. Having great success with V4. All the results provided by the team are Myfxbook verified which can be seen.

None of the results are outlandish in any way either. It is achievable. Still waiting on stable of V5, hopefully coming soon.

Date of experience: June 10, I am from India and I started using forex fury 6 months ago. At start, I was little frustrated as things were not going the way I wanted. However, with the help of support I got to understand how to manage the settings, accounts, market strategy etc. Forex Fury is in the league of its own. I have never used and saw any bot with such great results.

Forex Fury. Add a note optional - e. to review, to try. Write a Review Ask a Question. Ratings On Other Platforms Trustpilot. Corporate Values. Overview Forex Fury has a consumer rating of 4. This company responds to reviews on average within 15 days Positive reviews last 12 months : What reviewers want you to know Positive highlights Then, the support team talked me off the ledge, I started getting trades, and haven't looked back.

The software is easy to use, and performs well in current market conditions. Critical highlights No critical highlights yet. Top Positive Review. Top Critical Review. Sort by: Relevant Newest to Oldest Helpful Rating. Rating 5 stars Timeframe All time Past week Past month Past 6 months Past year. Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video. English only. Reviews that mention popular keywords support team 5 market conditions 3.

Noreen D. Verified purchase. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 0. Marquetta V. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 2. Sadie C. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 7. Dorothy J. Dave A. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 4. Suzie S. Renita H. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 9. O'Dell W. Brandie R. Comment Thank you Share Helpful 1. Felica G. Forex F. That's all we hope to achieve Felica, thanks!

Tanya A. Diter R. I use Fury on low risk for easy wins, and then use the profits to make riskier manual trades ;. Ezekiel F. Suzanna s. Simon P. Wow Simon, I'm happy to hear that we've had such a great impact on your family. Roy J. Jorjace a. Faron M. Roger M. zulkamal a. Comment Thank you Share Helpful Odetta J. Sienna L. Mingh L. Glad to have had you around for so long Mingh! Martha L. Any leverage works. By Sera N. over a year old. By Forex F. Well, I do have a Forex Fury license and in the relatively early stages of testing it.

Forex Fury EA is a tool. It is its users who are trading with it which can equally include the developer for private gain , assisted by the EA. managing customer funds, nor providing financial advice on securities other than recommendations on how to use the tool. Just to reinforce what I said in the previous comment, this is the problem with many robots being sold out there.

I speak from experience, I bought the robot and the first trades were against the market movement, and luckily I managed to exit manually. I deleted the robot and will never use it again. So if I can give advice to anyone who wants to buy robots out there on the internet, always, ALWAYS check if the robot has a stop loss according to the risk you are willing to take, and if the backtest considers that.

It is for this reason that a good strategy will not demonstrate the same performance as those robots that promise spectacular results. Yes, you can run with a infinite drawdown with no protection at all. No SL and neither some hedge operation to get you ass secured. Good lucky. I purchased Forexfury and found it totally un true as advertised. Further to this their sets high, medium, low risk are the exact same results per open lot, however forexfury increase the lot size for each set to make it appear more profitable with a less risk.

REFUND is a joke they require 30 days trading on a demo sample…. not accepting back testing which is still value data. be summited within 60 days of purchase. two things can happen during this period 1. a profit or 2. a holding open position remember the 66pips stop. unless the account is wiped out there will be no refund as a move of that size is unlikely in a 30 day time frame BUT most certainly can and will happen. I asked for a refund based on the fact of no risk management as any trader understands an acceptable risk management must be in place to be successful at trading.

I STONGLY recommend to ALL not to waste your money to purchase this product. You can dispute the payment with Paypal or with Stripe, depending on your payment method, to get a refund.

Welp, the conduct in the comment section by the author has thoroughly convinced me that they are not a reliable source. If you want a solid review find a blog that actually used the product and can give you more than an analysis of other peoples reviews. He turned off the SL, which caused him a big floating loss, thats why released another same waste V5. If you want to lose money then I recommend you buy it 🙂. Any experienced trader knows that markets fluctuate during any given trade. I was a naive trader at one point before I started studying how to trade effectively.

Your SL will always be higher than your TP. Because when you are trading during volatile market sessions depending on your M15 or H4 or H8 session times.

You are guaranteed to lose on SL if your SL is lower than your TP. I have been using professional trading signals and using incrementing trading strategies to minimize my risk. I do a max of 2 currency pairs each trading session. If you are blowing through your accounts you are not trading responsibly and you are not using risk management for your entire account value. Gary vester, you sound very knowledgeable in this forex.

I was just about to buy the forex fury e. a but more confuse that before as I do not know who to believe between patrick and james. I am a newbie to forex and forex e. Kindly update us with your findings if you buy the forex e.

a as you promise and the setting you use. You will save a lot of newbie from this situation of indecision. I have successfully blow up my account while trading manually. So either I get a good e. a or I quit forex for good. Kindly assist. But this seems like a fight between two people who know each other or an ingenious biggie-pac setup to lure more people in. If not, please take this offline as it is more confusing than helpful. Just my 2 cents on the issue. This review is biased and seem the author blankly write down this review.

I am one of the FF user and let me tell you, if you are really a FF user. You need to test and know suitable time to trade. There is a few so called SOP that I learned and found by myself. If you know how to use this FF, you will know how powerful this tool is than other EA. I have used other EA and their crazy strategy is really not suitable for me.

Mohamed Iskandar, could you give me examples of the SPOs that you have tried. I agree with you that the robot works but I have not been able to find what to use to make its operation more efficient. How can someone say that if you jump out of the window you are going to die without actually jumping out of the window and dying to test it? Keep scamming Patrick Ryan. Why not test it on your own account, with your own money. Post your live account and investor read only password below.

Why should we burn our money testing your fake Forex Fury, Forex Steam, Forex Robot Nation VIP Signals scams? I Purchased Forex Fury recently.

Forex Fury uses a range-based trading technique when the market volatility is low. While the claims seem captivating we have looked for their authenticity and found them to be bogus. To unveil the full prospects of the algorithm and uncover the other false statements we will review it in our article. The algorithm scans multiple currency pairs on the M5 chart based on the coded information. The false statements put the credibility of the system in question.

Forex Fury has been developed by three individuals, Patrick Ryan CEO , Joe Damien Head Analyst , and Haroon Mir Head Developer. Apart from this, they provide us with the Linked In profiles which shows that they have a negligible social following. This reduces the level of trustworthiness. The developers list out multiple characteristics of the EA which we find out to be common with most algorithms in the market.

The system has the following features:. The developer states that their system trades for hours each trade on multiple currency pairs. There is no further information on the topic, which is quite concerning. To understand better, we had to use the live records on Myfxbook. We observe the use of virtual stop losses with an average holding duration of 1 day.

The algorithm opens trades at the end of the New York trading session. The combined lot size of 3. With a high drawdown value this shows us that it is extremely risky to trade with Forex Fury. Backtesting records of the robot have not been provided on the website. This is a terrible practice, as this makes us and all prospective customers blind to know the past performance of this system.

Verified live trading results have been provided on the personal website of this robot. These are for the USDJPY currency pair from March 25, , until June 01, A leverage of has been used on a demo account at the MT5 platform. A monthly growth rate of 8. This points towards risky operations. The high win rate comes from the averaging strategy in which positions are only closed when they are in profit. The monthly charts on Myfxbook show us that the algorithm was only showing average gains in the year In the years and , the algorithm has shown a lackluster performance.

This means that it cannot adapt to the changing market conditions and will fall as the volatility changes. This product is sold in two different packages: Gold for The only difference between these two is the number of live accounts provided.

Other than that, both contain unlimited demos, free updates, and installation videos. Payments are only accepted in PayPal, which is inconvenient for customers who reside in countries where PayPal does not operate. There is no money-back guarantee offered, hinting that the developer is not confident in their product. This robot has a rating of 1. A customer comments that the algorithm is a total scam and that the developers are altering results on the Myfxbook account.

I worked in foreign currency with a trading assistant: Forex Fury for two and a half years. In the first year everything was normal, I could act and there were no problems with the system. In the second year I learned how to trade, there were problems: different scales for different currency pairs, high commissions that exceeded profits, and even the fact that I did not complete any transactions and did not receive the money earned from the deposit!

I do not recommend using Forex Fury to any trader who respects himself! Anyone who said that Forex Fury is a scam is absolutely right.

I even envy this person with no experience who understands this. I lost 1 year of study and analysis. I have read a dozen books by different authors. I have reviewed dozens of textbooks. in which there were some breakthroughs in trends, etc.

The first expert advisor I started with. There was no one to compare then, as it was my first experience, which, of course, ended in a waste of money. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether or not to buy this adviser. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Forex Fury review – The truth about its results [explanation],Forex Fury Trading Statistics

/10/12 · Forex Fury review – Conclusion Forex Fury will not make the profits it is suggesting on its official website, it is just impossible. We are pretty much sure that in the long AdLooking for the best and most trusted forex brokers? Best Forex Broker Comparison Compare the best Forex brokers and trade with trusted and regulated forex has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month /08/02 · Forex Fury’s website claims a very high success rate of 93% and aims for an average return of % per month for the EA. These numbers place Forex Fury at the top AdCompare the best Forex brokers and trade with trusted and regulated forex brokers. Find regulated and trusted forex brokers worldwide for forex trading /11/06 · Forex Fury is the first and only EA that I've been using on a live account for almost a year now. some bulletpoints about my results (obviously this depends on the EA settings you Web/10/12 · Forex Fury review – Conclusion Forex Fury will not make the profits it is suggesting on its official website, it is just impossible. We are pretty much sure that in the ... read more

Unbiased Coinrule Review 20th June 0. Where is the company located? Date of experience: April 11, Fast forward to the beginning of Sept. Can you share the screenshot of mail which you sent. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

How to Calculate ETF Dividend Yield: Which One Is Worth Investing In 9th April views. I got copies of Fury for everyone in my family, set them all up on our family forex fury review and we have fun testing different settings, having competitions lol, forex fury review. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Forex Fury? Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether or not to buy this adviser. I traded for 6 months with demo accounts. A monthly growth rate of 8.